Preparing the International
College Application

Begin the application process as soon as you have decided upon a college. Most applications and other required forms can be downloaded from the university's website. Deadlines are extremely important and applications must reach the college before the closing date. Visit our submission timeline for guidance. A good strategy is to send all required documents and forms no later than 10 months before your expected start date, or approximately two to three months before the deadline, to allow for delays in the mail.

Only after all the paperwork has been received will the university begin to review the application. If anything is missing the application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed. Be sure to make a photocopy of everything you send including the application and any essays. This will help if the application is lost and needs to be resubmitted.

Although applications will vary slightly among colleges they usually require the following:

Once the application has been submitted it typically takes several months to hear anything back. During this time the university may contact you for additional information or to request missing items.

If you are accepted, you will receive a letter of admission. If you are admitted to several colleges, accept only one and confirm your choice according to instructions in the letter. Write letters to the other schools declining their offers. Once your admission has been confirmed, the college will send you the paperwork needed to apply for a student visa (Form I-20).