Transcript Translation Services:

Transcripts are a form of documentation of academic credentials and represent an official record of the grades awarded to a student upon completing a class.

International students often have to submit a translation of their transcripts when applying to college in the United States. The translations must be performed by recognized translators or credential evaluation services.

These evaluation services can often provide an objective assessment of foreign transcripts or other academic credentials.

The fee for evaluating and translating foreign transcripts or other documents will depend on the number of pages to be translated and the speed in which the translation must be performed. Translations are often charged by the word and can cost $30 to $50 per page.

There are literally dozen of organizations that can provide professional translations of your transcripts or other education credentials. While we can not recommend a specific agency, we encourage international students to search for professional translators and credential evaluation services with key phrases such as:

 evaluation of foreign educational credentials


 translation of foreign educational credentials