Working in the United States

Internationals students with F-1 visas have the option of working while studying in the United States. However, job opportunities are limited and provide only minimal financial support. Therefore students should not plan on sustaining themselves financially by working while they study. Students must contact their DSO before starting any employment.

Students have two choices for working while studying. They can work on campus (this is by far the most common work arraignment) or they can work off campus (working off campus is only allowed under certain conditions).

On-campus and Off-campus Employment

On-campus employment allows a student to work limited hours at their college of university. However, such opportunities do not appeal to many students. On-campus employment tends to be menial and most positions are within the school’s cafeteria and food services where student prepare and serve food. These jobs are unlikely to provide any real practical training to complement a student’s studies.

Off-campus employment for international undergraduate students is quite uncommon but is sometimes allowed if a student is experiencing unforeseen financial problems. Students can contact their DSO for further information about off-campus employment opportunities.