Can F-1 Visa Status be Denied?

Applicants should be aware that receiving an F-1 student visa is not guaranteed even if all the required documents are provided and all the deadlines are met. The decision to grant or deny the visa is made by the U.S. government and not the university to which a student applied.

If a student is denied the F-1 visa they should ask their local U.S. Embassy or Consulate for the reason of the denial and determine if reapplication and a second interview is possible.

If the reason for denial is because of a mistake with Form I-20, then the university should re-issue the document and the student may apply again. Otherwise, if a different reason is given, or if no reason is given, for the denial of the visa the university will be unable to assist.

The government’s decision to deny a visa is final and there is little the applicant or the university can do to change the decision. Additional information about the reason for denial of F-1 visas can be found here.