Demonstrate Sufficient Financial Resources

Demonstrating adequate financial resources to a college or university is the first step in obtaining a student visa. Schools will not accept international students unless they can document sufficient financial support to pay for all of expenses associated with attending college in the United States.

These expenses include: tuition, books, laboratory fees, housing, meals, and any other mandatory fees associated with the university. Students should contact the DSO at the office for International Students at the school they plan on attending in order to get an estimate of the expenses.

International students can demonstrate sufficient financial resources to a university by one of several options:

A student’s personal funds – A copy of the student’s bank statement, or an official notarized letter from a bank official, which describes the amount of funds in the student’s account, is commonly used.

Funds of family, relatives, or other individual sponsor – Sponsors must agree to support the student and any dependents for the duration of the study.  As mentioned above, either a copy of the sponsor’s bank statement or an official notarized letter from a bank official is usually accepted.

Sponsorship by the student’s government, a company, or organization – An official letter agreeing to the financial support of the student and their dependents for the duration of the study should be provided.

Once an international student has been accepted and shown sufficient financial resources to pay for all of expenses, the school will send Form I-20 which is needed in order to apply for the F-1 Student Visa or, if already accepted at a school, to transfer to another school.