Passports and Visa Requirements for International Students in the United States

The First Step

The First Step: Demonstrate Sufficient Financial Resources
Obtaining F-1 Student Visa Status: A Guide

Important People and Agencies

What is a DSO?
What is the USCIS?

Obtaining Form I-20

What is Form I-20 and why is it important?
How does a student receive their Form I-20?
Can the I-20 be extended if a student needs more time to study?
Can the start date on Form I-20 be postponed?

Obtaining a Student Visa (F-1 visa)

The F-1 Student Visa: an Introduction
Documents needed for F-1 Student Visa Application
When should students apply for a Student Visa?
How long does it take to get an F-1 visa?
Can F-1 Visa Status be Denied?

Other important information

What is a Form I-94 and why is it important?
How do you get F-1 student visa status if you're already in the U.S.?