How does a student receive their Form I-20?

Students will receive their Form I-20 in the mail from the university to which they were accepted. However, students can also request that the I-20 be sent by an express courier service for a fee of about $50.

It is generally recommended to use a courier service for receiving the I-20 because it allows the package to be traced and prevents it from being lost or delayed by international mail.  

The I-20 can also be sent by regular mail, in which case no fee is charged, but the student risks losing or delaying the package through the international mail.

International students should carefully review their Form I-20 immediately after receiving it. Make sure that information on the Form I-20, such as name and passport number, matches the information on the passport.

If any information is incorrect, contact the university immediately to ensure a new and correct replacement of the Form I-20 is sent.