Form I-515A and what
to do with it

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Form I-515A is an official document given to travelers entering the United States who do not have all the required paperwork. If a student is missing a required travel document they may be given Form I-515A.

Students should ask what travel documents they are missing.

What to do next with form I-515A





They must then contact their DSO at their school immediately upon arrival in order to process Form I-515A. The student and their DSO have 30 days to submit the required documents to SEVP. If the student and DSO do not submit the missing documents within 30 days after the student enters the United States, the student will fall out of legal status and will be required to leave the country immediately.

The documents should be mailed by a courier service such as USPS, FEDEX, or UPS to:

Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)
ATTN: Form I-515A Processing Team
Chester Arthur Building
425 I Street, NW, Suite 6034
Washington, DC 20536

Once the documents are received by the US government, they will be processed and return to the student in approximately 10 to 15 days. It will then take the Department of Homeland Security an additional 30-90 days to update and process the paperwork. The student will then remain in legal status.

Additional information about Form I-515A for students and their DSOs is provided here in an informational brochure.

If you are given this form by a Customs agent they you will be allowed to continue to your destination, but students should always ask what documents they are missing before continuing on their trip. The most common reason for receiving Form I-515A is that the student is either traveling with unsigned or outdated travel documents or forgot to bring all the travel documents.