Apply to College

Before applying you have to find the right college for you. Applying to college is easier than it's ever been before. For most universities the entire application process can be completed online.
Simply surf over to the college of your choice and download the forms.


The College Application

The typical college application has several sections that are very easy to fill out. For most of the application expect to answer simple questions about yourself and your family such as ethnicity, income level, names of high school attended, number of credits taken and if you have taken the SAT.

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Many, but not all, universities also require some kind of writing sample. If you are applying to an Ivy League or other prestigious university, your application essay needs to be stellar.

Approximately 300 college and universities will accept a common college application ( in addition to their own application. The advantages are that you can fill out the application once, either on paper on online, and then mail it to several colleges or universities at once.

While this seems like a great time saver, the majority of the participating colleges are private liberal arts schools. Very few public universities participate in the program. If you plan on attending a liberal arts school, then this common application might be worth using, otherwise do a search for the university you want to attend and download their college application form.

Your Most Valuable Resource

When you are preparing to apply to college, you most valuable resource is not the internet. It isn't your parents, friends, or your older siblings. Your most valuable resource is your high school counselor.

You may have never met your school's counselor or may think that counselors only deal with students who have academic or personal problems. However, helping students apply for college is a priority for counselors.

Your counselor will be able to help you put together your college application and help you meet any deadlines. However, you aren't the only student applying to college and counselors provide assistance with college applications on a first-come first-serve basis.

Contact your counselor early before they get inundated by other students applying for college.