Are Online Degrees Accepted?

A common question of students considering an online degree is whether the degree will be accepted as readily as a campus-based traditional degree. The answer is "yes", as long as the online institution is accredited and you have chosen the right online major. But it's also important to consider how an online degree from a distance educaion program will measure up against those earned at traditional brick-and-mortar programs.

Some encouraging data can be found in a recent survey conducted by, an employment research company.

According to survey results from 107 employers who represent a variety of industries:

Complete results of the survey can be found here.

While human resource departments have become more comfortable with online degrees, there will always be recruiters who have reservations about non-traditional degrees.  If questions about your online degree come up in an interview, you can point to valuable skills and experiences that make an online degree more valuable than a traditional one.  Some examples include:

If you are considering an online degree, call a few potential employers in your field and ask the human resource department what the organization’s policy is regarding the hiring of employees with online degrees.