College Life

You will look back on your college years as some of your best. You will live more intensely and more closely with a community of friends than you ever will again.

The college experience offers opportunities found nowhere else; take advantage of the following when you get there.

Foreign Exchange

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A foreign exchange is probably the most memorable experience you can have at college. It may also be the last time you can spend a year living abroad without worrying about travel insurance, hotels and currency exchange rates.

Try to take the foreign language classes that will allow you to do a foreign exchange in a non-English speaking country. Even if you don't take foreign language classes, try to go on an exchange to an English speaking country such as Australia, England or Ireland. You will probably learn more about the world from a year abroad than from four years of college.

Good Student Insurance Discounts

Once you've completed your first semester of college you may qualify for a good student discount on your auto insurance. This discount is based on the premise that good students are better drivers. The good student discount is given to young drivers between the ages of 16 and 25 who are full-time students and meet at least one of the following criteria:

In order to receive the good student discount you must first ask your auto insurance provider about it. Your insurance company doesn't know that you are in college. So take the initiative and contact your insurance company after you've complete your first semester.

Take Courses Outside your Major

College is your chance to explore subject areas outside of your declared major. In order to complete your degree you will likely have to fulfill an elective requirement. Elective courses count towards your final degree and can be related to your major.

However, the real intention of elective courses is to give you the opportunity to explore other fields of interest outside your chosen course of study. As you take classes outside your major, you not only fulfill your elective credits, but you may find a major that you truly love.

Credit cards

Credit card companies love to target incoming freshmen. During the first few weeks of class you can often find their vendors around campus giving away free gifts to students who fill out a credit card application. Once you have their credit card they figure you'll use it to pay for your expenses while you're in school for the next fours years and after you graduate.

You should definitely get one or two credit cards in your name at this time. Having several credit cards and making monthly payments helps build good credit history. A strong credit history will come in handy in the future when you need to take out a loan for a house or car. Obviously, don't abuse your credit card and rack up lots of debt that you can't pay off each month.