Computer Printer for College

If you're taking a computer to college, then be sure to take a printer too. You won't need an expensive printer, but having the capability to print papers and assignments quickly and easily is essential.

You will probably have access to a common printer in your dormitory or at the library. However, we do not recommend relying on common printers for several reasons.

For these reasons, we recommend that you purchase your own computer printer. An inexpensive personal printer, such as an inkjet, will serve you well throughout your college career.

Printer Paper

If you go to the effort of typing and printing a document, you should print it on appropriate paper as well. Professors are not impressed if you turn in an assignment that has been printed on notebook paper, colored paper, or something other than regular printer paper.

Printing an assignment on a piece of scrap paper indicates you completed the assignment at the last minute or didn't care enough to use printer paper. Printing on good paper shows professionalism and that you took the assignment seriously.