What You'll Need at College

If you live on campus, nearly all your needs will be taken care of. You'll have a meal plan through the university's dining services, basic furniture will be provided in you dorm room, and you'll be within walking distance to your classes and the library. However, here are a few things you will need when you get to college:

Textbooks are required for nearly every class. Here are some tips on how to buy, and sell back, your college texts.

Personal Computer
A personal computer is an essential piece of equipment for college. Here are some pros and cons of different models.

Anti-virus Software
Anti-virus software is a relatively cheap investment for peace of mind. Here's what we recommend.

Academic Software
Your software needs should be minimal. However, here are several programs every college student should be familiar with.

You'll need access to a reliable printer for your term papers and assignments. Here's what we recommend and what to avoid.

Internet Access
Class notes and handouts are often available only on the internet. Here's what you need to know about connecting to, and using, the internet at college.