Academic Software

There are several computer programs every college student should know how to use. These are software programs that you will use frequently during your academic career as well as after graduation.

Discounts for Academic Versions of Software

Take advantage of your student status when purchasing software. Academic versions of software are much cheaper than normal retail editions and still have all the same features. Visit your campus bookstore and ask specifically how to buy academic versions of software. You can often receive significant discounts off the retail price.

What we Recommend

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Your software needs will be minimal in college, but we recommend you purchase an academic version of Microsoft Office.This package gives you a word processor for writing papers, a spreadsheet for entering data and creating graphs, a program for preparing presentations and email software. This combination of programs will equip you to handle most of your college assignments.

An internet browser is also essential for college students. You'll use it constantly for surfing the web and doing online research. You probably already have Internet Explorer installed on your computer, but click here to see why we prefer Firefox.

The last piece of software that we recommend is perhaps the most important. You absolutely need antivirus software. Many different programs and versions are available but we discuss our favorite one for college students here.