Internet Access at College

Access to the internet has become a necessity at college. Many professors post their class notes, assignments and practice tests online. It is expected that students know how to locate and retrieve this information and you will be at a serious disadvantage if you can't access this material.

Fortunately, your university has staff to help thousands of incoming student get connected to the internet. Contact your Information Technology or Computer Support office as soon as you get moved into your room. Getting your computer system up and running is a priority for these university officials, make sure to take advantage of their help.

What we recommend

Statistics show that you are probably are using Internet Explorer to view this webpage. Unfortunately for you, your choice of internet browser puts your computer at risk.

Because it is built into the Windows operating system, Internet Explorer has become the browser that people love to hate and has a history of hackers exploiting its security holes. This trend is unlikely to change and Internet Explorer will be the target of security attacks for years to come

Firefox, on the other hand, is increasingly popular because its open source status allows individual programmers to improve and innovate on the existing program, its many add-ons allow you to personalize the look of the browser, and it has one the best pop-up blockers available. Firefox also has a stronger reputation for security and for addressing vulnerabilities soon after they've been discovered.

Installing Firefox takes about 60 seconds, is absolutely free, doesn't require you to disable your antivirus software, and doesn't require you to reboot your computer after installation.