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Should you consider an online degree? Yes, most definitively! Online college degrees and distance education are quickly becoming commonplace in higher education, thanks to some qualities that are often absent from traditional degree programs.

Higher Satisfaction with Online Courses

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Students participating in online courses report higher levels of student-faculty interaction, greater development gains from college, and greater overall satisfaction with their online educational experience than campus-based students *.
*Source: Sloan Consortium. Making the Grade: Online Education, 2006

Online Degrees Emphasize Applied Knowledge

There is a growing trend in higher education to emphasize applied knowledge. Ivy League and other prestigious schools, such as Harvard, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania, have all recently made changes in their core curriculum to focus more on practical questions and problems that students will face in the work force*.

Traditional institutions are just beginning to meet students' demand for applied knowledge. The bottom line is that online colleges focus on practical knowledge that employers want their employees to have, and traditional schools are trying to follow their lead.
*Source: Time, March 5th, 2007.

Online Programs are Growing in Popularity

Online degrees are in high demand by students and universities are trying to keep up. Nearly 3.2 million students were enrolled in an online course during the fall term of 2005 and the majority of academic administrators agree that providing online education programs is essential for their institution*.
*Source: National Survey of Student Engagement, 2006.

Financial Aid is Available for Online Degrees

Changes enacted by Congress in 2006 now allow an online university to participate in federal financial-aid programs. This means you can now enroll in an online degree program and use a federal student loan or grant to pay for tuition.

Online Degrees can be Finished Faster

Online degree programs often let you set the pace of your education. This means you can choose an accelerated program in order to finish faster. Accelerated online programs allow some students to finish an entire year early. If you already have college credits that can be used to meet program requirements, you may be able to complete the program even faster.

Ivy League Schools also have Online Degrees

Some of the well established online programs, such as University of Phoenix, have been offering online degree for many years. Now Ivy League schools are starting to follow suit. Harvard, Stanford, and Cornell all offer online programs and training in areas such as Financial Management, Human Resources, and Environmental Management.

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